November Rain

“Where’s the fluffy monster?” I ask Mum, watching the rain tumble down the windows. His apricot paws will be getting wet out there. “He’s either in or out,” Mum says as she puts plates and knives and forks on the table. We’re having a proper lunch because my brother is here: returned from Abroad to […]

The Miller’s Tale

“There has been a mill on this site for over a thousand years,” the information poster inside the restaurant tells us. “It’s lovely here, isn’t it?” I say to Dad. We’re on our first bike ride since my operation a month ago and we’ve taken a new route and found ourselves at this old water […]

After The Dance

Have managed to secure a second date with the Twitcher! It is scheduled for next Wednesday, so let’s hope we’re still alive by then. “Am I right in assuming that Friday is tricky?” He messages yesterday, when we start discussing the possible day for our date. “Yes. Dinner with parentals. Sorry,” I say. Yes, am […]

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Now that the party season is nearly upon us, am going to make a list of other-locations-to-meet-chaps, in real life that is, rather than online. 1. The Street: A place full of men. Everywhere has one. Just step out of the front door of home, office, hospital and there it is. This is a particular […]

Everything Changes?

I’m not quite sure what’s happening exactly but I think I’m falling out of love with Tinder. It’s been almost six months now, and it was fun at the start and the dates have continued to be enjoyable – apart from a few notable exceptions. However, it’s been almost all first dates – as I’ve […]

Happy Monday!

Messages continue to be batted back and forth with the Twitcher but still no second date has been arranged. Fingers crossed it will be soon though. Didn’t make it onto Tinder yesterday as we had people over at the flat for lunch, then went to sleep about 3.30pm and didn’t wake up till 8.15am this […]


“Just enjoy Djokovic right now,” Andrew Castle tells us. So that’s what I’m going to do. The orange monster has come in for the afternoon so I’ve closed his flap and the back door. No need to go out in the dark searching for him, which is a relief. Novak Djokovic vs Kei Nishikori – […]

Working Girl

Huddled under my furry blanket on the parental sofa, sipping my coffee. In the kitchen, Mum is making dinner. The radio is on. The Twitcher has sent a few messages since our date and I’ve replied to them, but the text banter has lost its lustre. He hasn’t forgotten me, so that’s something. Just want […]

Supermarket Shopping?

“How did your date go, the other day?” A woman accosts me in the changing room at the gym. She’s in my Spin class. We must have spoken when I was getting changed to meet a chap, only I can’t now remember which one. “Which one was that?” I say. “You were meeting one at […]