Unintindered Rest Day

So, it’s been almost three weeks of Tindering and the initial excitement is starting to wear off, to be replaced by some reflective thoughts and a lull in the action. Watching and tweeting and writing over Wimbledon fortnight is pretty much a full time job. In some ways it was a relief that yesterday’s chap […]

Love A Good List!

Things I like about my post-surgery body: 1. Have one nice, pert, firm boob 2. Other one on its way in October 3. Quite enjoy having very short hair: so much less hassle. A shower now takes five minutes and can just wash hair in bath too 4. Tummy is getting back to normal – […]


“I’m finishing my course at 2pm in Regents Park,” Kurt the German texts. “Meet me at the Zoo?” I reply. “Great,” he texts back. “Is that in Regents Park?” “Indeed. We can see the tiger cubs. Do you like tiger cubs?” I say, as if anyone would say ‘no, I think they’re horrible smelly things. […]

Hospital interlude

“So was my mammogram ok?” I ask my surgeon. This is the first time I’ve seen her for months. “Because it was about a month ago and I haven’t heard anything and…” “Oh I’m sorry – my mistake: we got a bit behind,” she says. She’s looking glamorous as always in a mint green shift […]

Long Tall Tinder

The human giraffe stoops down, bending almost double to kiss me on the cheek. “You really are 6 foot 8, aren’t you?” I say. ” I thought you were joking?” “Nope, I really am 6 foot 8 I’m afraid,” jonathan says. “Is that a problem?” “Oh no, it’s fine. I’m a gigantophile like Lord Rothschild. […]

Cheeky Breakfast Tindering

Waiting for today’s first chap: he’s of the faith (tick) has a beautiful cat (tick) is 31 (over 30. Tick) went to a good school (tick) grew up in Hampstead Garden Suburb (tick) but lives in China (why?). Due to a scheduling mishap, I didn’t make it to the gym in time for my much-anticipated […]

Strange Tinderlude

“Do you think that maybe the reason you haven’t get any second dates is because you’ve told then you’re writing a blog about it?” Greg says. We’re at the Old Bull and Bush, sitting outside. I’ve torn myself away from France vs Switzerland which was 4 -0 to France at 72 minutes when I left […]

Tinder Up in Smoke

Oh no! Tinder is broken. This is the worst thing ever! At first I can’t get into the app and then when I do it informs me that it’s lost all my matches – around five hundred last time I checked. And then I can’t open Tinder at all anymore. Alerts flash up that I […]


Sometimes there’s a lull, a space to catch my breath and reflect. No dates since Sunday and not, I must admit, for want of trying. One thing about these bright young things: they sure have full diaries. Over the weekend three of my prospective boys were away in Portugal, one in Tuscany and one in […]