The Reluctant Tinderella

So, aged 35 and having just finished a year of breast cancer treatment I have decided to start dating again after a year off. Admittedly, the last year wasn’t spent on a surfing yoga holiday or learning how to be a warden on a game reserve or on a Writing Romantic Fiction course in Tuscany or doing anything appropriate for my mid-30s. All year has been taken up with a seemingly endless procession of treatments: chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy and even growing an extra hump of skin on my back as there was cancer in my skin and I had to lose so much of it that there wasn’t enough skin on my entire body to replace what I needed to lose.

But for now the hospital treatment is over. Now it is time to get back to the business of dating: 10 pounds heavier; scars all over my chest and back and wearing a wig. Yesterday I bit the bullet and signed up to Tinder – the latest online dating craze. I’m going to write about my dates here.

Wish me luck?


12 thoughts on “The Reluctant Tinderella

  1. you are one brave soldier. i look forward to reading more and leaning about your adventures both past and yet to come.


  2. It all sounds exciting.
    Your determination to keep going is inspirining
    Am looking forward to following your adventures


  3. Am following, too. Did I tell you that my partner and I met online? It was on something like my third round of online dating. Have fun!


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