Tinder Surprise

tinder-mobile-app-logoHaving never spent much time on any dating website apart from J Date – the Jewish one – Tinder is in some ways a surprise. I’ve set the age search parameters to 25 – 45 and there is a preponderance of younger ones: one article gave the average age of Tinder users as 27 and this seems reasonable, based on what I’ve seen.
A large number of the boys seem to be from boarding school: there are many photos of them sailing, diving off yachts, skiing, in Land Rovers on safari, shooting and my personal favourite – flying small planes.
The once ubiquitous Tiger photos are now apparently over – many profiles refer to them, one even says “complaining about tiger photos is the new tiger photo” but there are still a few boys who are behind the times and are posing next to drugged tigers in Thailand or so.
Being me, I’m particularly drawn to these Harry/ Freddy/ Hugo characters in their red trousers, pink shirts and Boris Johnson shocks of blond hair smiling insouciantly, screwing their eyes up against the sun as they loll on yachts or lean on crumbling walls in medieval French or Italian towns. These snapshots of the idle rich at play – and when are they ever not at play – are addictive: the perfect antidote to the memories of the chemo ward and the cancer centre waiting rooms that still troop relentlessly across my mind. After a year of cancer treatment and the miserable buildings where it occurs, I want to go to Capri or Marseille or wherever these boys are in their harbour photos: tanned, bare chested and surrounded by yachts in cornflower blue water. If I just meet Piers/ Rupert/ Sandy he will fall in love with me and whisk me off to his horse-riding safari lodge in Botswana and everything will be perfect, I think as I click Yes to another blond 27 year old kissing his black Labrador.
As one is forced to make an instant yes or no decision, I’ve soon got a long list of these boys: aged 25 to 30. I start to think about the whole nature of attraction, about why this particular age and physical and social type appeals to me so much. There’s a confidence and swagger and enthusiasm about them – these young scions of the ruling class. Of course, they are very different to my pale-skin-dark-hair appearance. One of them could bring a welcome selection of new genes into the mix: extreme height, sporting prowess, shooting expertise. If we were to find ourselves on a desert island on our first date, rather than a bar in town, he would be very useful, this chap: able to build a raft out of logs and row us to the mainland.
For whatever reason, a lot of them seem to click Yes back to me, because after three days I have 124 matches. All Project Tinder needs now is some more actual DATES.


3 thoughts on “Tinder Surprise

  1. Interesting, I seem to attract the exact opposite. I wonder, do we send virtual vibes? More importantly, what happened with ‘I fly little planes’ Freddy


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