Sometimes there’s a lull, a space to catch my breath and reflect. No dates since Sunday and not, I must admit, for want of trying. One thing about these bright young things: they sure have full diaries. Over the weekend three of my prospective boys were away in Portugal, one in Tuscany and one in Montreal. They seem to go on week long stags or their companies send them abroad for work.
Keeping in touch via Tinder messaging or What’s app with people one has never met can be exhausting. Now the goal-filled thriller that was the Holland v Australia match is over, I’m champing at the bit – having seen no-one except my personal trainer all day.
At the moment, there are a few pots on the boil: a half-Italian-half-Austrian who works in finance, two German bankers, a German surgeon, a Hungarian wine expert and helicopter pilot and a Portuguese actor and an English chap – career forgotten at the moment. But as of this minute, I have no dates lined up with anyone. I hope this changes soon!
There was almost a date with a chap who was messaging me a lot over the weekend, but then last night he messaged me to say “this website freaks me out. I have just started seeing someone but it’s addictive. I’m sorry.” The dangers of Tinder are many, it seems…

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