Love A Good List!

Things I like about my post-surgery body:

1. Have one nice, pert, firm boob
2. Other one on its way in October
3. Quite enjoy having very short hair: so much less hassle. A shower now takes five minutes and can just wash hair in bath too
4. Tummy is getting back to normal – still about 6lbs to lose but personal training twice a week is staring to mans a difference after a month. Look and feel more toned.
5. After much physiotherapy, have completely regained mobility in my right arm
6. Scar on chest has been faded considerably by the radiotherapy. It is used as a treatment to fade severe scars, my plastic surgeon tells me
7. My swimming powers have more or less returned. Yesterday managed first swim for over a year and swam for 40 minutes. Added a green foam noodle for extra support when doing just-arms, as it was a strain across chest, but that is ok
8. The scar on back is quite horrifying. Maybe can say that it was sustained in a shark attack or something?
9. Legs, arms and bum are toned. Is just tummy that needs a bit more work and have personal trainer to help with this
10. Face looks ok

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