Took a well-earned two day break from dating during the World Cup rest days.
Wednesday: went with Mum to a literary lunch. My new favourite author Jane Thynne was speaking:
She writes the Clara Vine novels, set in 1930s Berlin and starting the redoubtable English actress/ spy / detective/ femme fatale Clara Vine.
Introduced myself as a real fan: I’ve read both the books in the series so far and heard Jane speak at another event. She is so lovely and glamorous and a fab speaker as well as a brilliant writer. She told us fascinating things about Berlin in the 1930s and the Nazi wives. I told her about the blog and the next day she emailed saying she likes it. So that is very exciting. Maybe when I grow up I will be a successful and gorgeous author like her.

Had some much-needed cuddles with my orange monster, watched Federer beating Wawrinka with my parents and kitten. Maybe Roger has another Wimbledon title left in him? Hope so.

Made it to my chum Heather’s spin class in the morning for the first time in weeks and then back to flat. Then it was personal training at 1.30pm. Best friend and ex flatmate Suzy came over for dinner. Was nice to hang out with a friend – must try and make more time for my friends.

In exciting news I have secured a second date with Iceman (the chap from Iceland). We will be watching Argentina vs Belgium and Holland vs Costa Rica together on Saturday. He messaged yesterday to say how much he was looking forward to seeing me. So, finally, after more than a month and around 20 first dates (lost count, sorry), have achieved a second date! Wish me luck?


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