Party Time

Exhausted and really not feeling up for the day’s activities: up at 8am on a Saturday, 15 minute trudge to station in the rain, train to meet Dad, drive to psychiatrist, gym, lunch party for the girls. Wondering why on earth I’ve agreed to host ten people and a baby for lunch.
I can’t really be bothered to see my friends much at the moment. Any time away from dating (or blogging about it) feels like time wasted. And today is not a good day for it. Lunch at my Aunt’s last night with cousins and lots of wine (lovely – always have a great meal there and fun with my cousins) and then back to my Colombian neighbour to watch them bring beaten by Brazil. Can’t have got to sleep much before midnight.
Late nights don’t agree with me. Wake up very early in the summer and when mood is up. Also had a truncated afternoon sleep yesterday due to a chum arriving at 3.30pm. I don’t hear from The Iceman who I’m meant to be meeting for a second date this evening. Messages come in from the lunch people saying they’re going to be late. I start crying. I tell them not to come.

At 12.15 the first ones arrive. I’m crying. They start to set things up. Immediately I feel better. Another friend arrives who’d said she couldn’t come. Cracking open the prosecco, we begin to enjoy ourselves. A message comes through from the Iceman saying he’s just woken up and can’t wait to see me.

The others arrive, with more food. In the end it’s a lovely party, of course. It’s great to see everyone and chat to them. They even clear up before they go. I love my friends, I remember as I settle down to wait for the Iceman.

The dishwasher is running and so is the washing machine. The watery noises calm me. After a quick bath I get dressed and settle down in front of Belgium vs Argentina to wait for the Iceman. Things don’t feel so bad now I’ve hosted the lunch and it’s been a success. Fingers crossed my date will go well too.


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