Watching Germany vs Brazil for the third time whilst eating my omelette and drinking the new Gordon’s gin with elderflower and tonic. It is an excellent performance of attacking football: goals, passing, creativity. Wish England would play like this. It doesn’t look that difficult, it’s not a team of stars. It’s not eleven Federers or whatever would be the foot calling equivalent – eleven Cruyffs, eleven peles. It’s simply a “well-oiled machine” as one of the commentators just said, and that’s part of what I like about this team: the seeming lack of egos. Every match they lies they are polite about it. They behave well. They are not a team of eleven huge blond creatures but an eclectic representation of “mulitculti” – there are white, black, Arab players. Ozil is apparently keeping Ramadan – not that it appears to affect his performance. The contrast between this team and say England’s or Italy’s or Brazil’s preening stars is very stark.
“Germany doing simple things well, Brazil finding the simple unfathomably difficult” the commentary says. Doing Simple Things Well: something for all of is to aim for. “Brazil have come up against a well oiled clinical machine” Rio Ferdinand says.

Am having a rest from dating this week, whilst I wait to see the Iceman again. Tomorrow I go to see my fluffmonster. Have missed the orange beast.

There’s been a lot, perhaps too much, excitement in the last few days. Woman’s Hour called about interviewing me about the blog for their programme; I wrote an article for http://www.thewritershub.co.uk about the language around severe illness; Breast Cancer Care want me to do publicity for them. Plus, of course, 2 World Cup semifinals, 2 days at the office, madfatrunner’s daughter coming to stay and everything else. So I’m enjoying a Tindermission – an intermission – and trying to stock up on sleep.


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