New Bright Young Things

Now that I’m back in the country, The Bright Young Things are bombarding me with Tinder messages.

This, from a 25 year old banker: Do you always swipe right on younger guys or am I a lucky one?
Me: I like them quite young (plus dancing girl emoji)
Him: Well I’m sure you have no trouble luring them in (presumably he means reeling them in?)
His profile states: No interest in girls younger, only proper women…
Me: How does one know when one is a Proper Woman?
Him: Haha..When they are grown enough to know what they want and they’re not shy in getting it!

Another banker, aged 29, posts on his profile: Work in banking. Looking for someone to spoil.
Me: You can spoil ME. And my Kitten.
Him: I will do! You are hot!

I don’t know that I can be bothered with any of the Bright Young Things at the moment though. I’m just not feeling very well and I’m tired and not at all in the right state of mind for flirting with youngsters and listening to their plans for their bright futures and so on. Until I’ve seen my surgeon I just don’t want to be meeting up with these very young chaps. The recurrence of the cancer is making me feel Old and Exhausted.

However, on Wednesday I’m meeting up with that chap I mentioned yesterday – who is 31 and an accountant. We seem to have stuff to chat about over What’s App so far. Fingers crossed we’ll have a nice time.

Maybe part of the reason for my grumpy mood today is that I’m wearing a dress that I bought in Topshop during my chemotherapy. A multicoloured photographic flower print on a black background, it would be gorgeous were it not for its unfortunate shape. The neck is too high and there’s a gathered waist in the wrong place. The girls in Topshop were so kind and helpful to me that day: allowing me to use the Personal Shopping area when I was experiencing hot flushes and breathlessness, bringing me coffee and clothes. Presumably I bought the dress because I felt I had to purchase something after they’d gone to so much trouble. Nevermind, I tell myself. It was very cheap – about £12.50 I think. Maybe someone else can offer to give it a loving home?

2 thoughts on “New Bright Young Things

  1. Hi. Go give the cat a cuddle, ditch the dress
    ( and the memories) have a hot bath with bubbles and read a good book ( wine optional).
    I’ve been reading your blog since I read about you in Grazia. I was diagnosed with cancer last year, finished all my treatment and enjoying my blonde wig ( even though I’m naturally very dark). Gutted to hear you think your cancer has returned, but my fingers are crossed that it might be something like an infection in your scar tissue.


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