Beasts In My Bed

The kitten jumps on my bed, reeking of barbecue and covered in mud, moss and twigs. There’s even a smudge of green on his nose. There’s a common perception that cats are clean, but this one isn’t. His long coat is always full of grass, leaves and burrs, and he usually smells of something nasty that he’s rolled in or fallen into.
Lifting my right arm to stroke him, I gasp with the pain. Earlier, when my temperature was very high, I attributed the pains in my right arm and the area around my implant to my temperature. Now, however, my temperature has gone down a bit – it’s around 100 degrees – and the pains in my right arm and whole right side remain intense.
“It looks very red under there,” Mum says, pointing to the area under my implant.
“The biopsy wounds aren’t infected though,” I say.
“Show me the other side,” Mum says.
Twisting towards her, I flinch with the pain.
“You see it’s not all red on your left side,” Mum says.
“Well the band of my secret support vest is tighter on the right,” I say.
“I still think there might be an infection there, around the implant,” Mum says.

We make an appointment with my plastic surgeon for later this afternoon.

Meanwhile, in exciting news: I finally hear back from a chap who looks great. He’s 37 with defined cheekbones and big blue eyes and in his profile photo there is a red ruffed lemur sitting on his shoulder.
“Red ruffed lemur? My best ones. Are you a zookeeper or were you in Madagascar or…you look lovely,” I messaged him, a while ago. Unfortunately I divided it into four messages. Then nothing until today, four days after my messages –

Lemur boy: Hi Tanya. Good lemur knowledge! Sorry for delayed response. Have been out of the country the last few days. Yes, it was taken when I was living in Madagascar in 2012.
Me: Ah lucky you. What were you doing there? Is that lemur a friend or a client. Come to my park: we have ring-tailed lemurs.

I have to make a speedy recovery: there are boys and lemurs to pursue…

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