Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

Apart from a potential second date with Jarvis – if it happens it will be only the second second date I’ve landed since the start of this blog – there is no Tinder action on the horizon. Cancelled Monday’s date due to the Cold-Of-Doom and am tempted not to rearrange it as he’s a thirty […]

The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle

It’s exhausting – this dating lark. And, of course, until one suddenly lands a boyfriend and can retire for a bit, it’s rejection, rejection, rejection all the way. Whilst I’m having a bit of a rest – can’t call it a breather as can’t really breathe due to the Cold-Of-Doom – will make a list […]

A Slight Ache

Writing this from bed. Not sure whether it is the antibiotics, this cold or a combination of the two making me too tired to do anything other than lie down. Have a scratchy throat and an earache too. My arms are sore from training earlier in the week. Am attempting to work up the energy […]

The Drowned And The Saved

Breast care clinic waiting room. Too nervous to read my Agatha Christie autobiography. Mum scribbles away at The Times crossword, Dad dozes. Mothers and daughters surround us, only in every other case it’s the mothers who have no hair and scars and are frail and rely on their robust daughters to support them. “Tanya Marshall,” […]

This Is Hardcore

“What would you like to drink?” the chap says, in a far more – I don’t know – cockney accent than I was expecting, or probably Mockney, come to think of it – the sort of accent Damon Albarn used to affect in the 90s. This one’s 36, 6 ft 4 and appears to be […]

Autumn Almanac

“Is your surname Jacobs? Because you’re a real cracker!” the Tinder message flashes up. It’s from a new Bright Young Thing, aged 25. “Thank you. That made me smile, you cutie,” I reply. It does seem to have been busy overnight on my Tinder. There are many new messages this morning. Supposedly Sunday is Tinder […]

A Tindspector Calls

“I think you’re very attractive but your features are quite masculine,” the Tinder message flashes up. It’s from one of the Bright Young Things, one I haven’t chatted to yet. “Thank you?” I reply. “Obviously, I’m a girl.” “Can you send more photos?” The chap replies. “OK,” I say, “what’s app?” “Sure,” he says. Scrolling […]

Ladies Who Lunch

“What do you want to eat?” Hannah says. We’re having a rare treat: lunch in in a restaurant on a Thursday. The scene: the conservatory at the front of that restaurant under the railway bridge where I brought that Australian at the start of June or so. Wow, that feels a lifetime ago now. “Melanzane […]