The Hollow

Life is extremely very strange. You may remember the Priest from a while ago. He said there would be a second date on the Wednesday after we met and then…nothing.
So, this evening, am watching Cadfael alone, and a Tinder message flashes up, from the Priest.
“Missing you. I’m so sorry. Work has been a nightmare. I can’t see you right now. I just had a nose job.”
“A nose job?” I reply. “Congratulations?”
Am sure that there was nothing wrong with his nose.
“It’s still very painful,” he says.
Would not have put that on the list of reasons why he couldn’t meet up, but then life is constantly surprising, if nothing else.

“I’ve never seen you like this. You’re always so brave,”. The doctor says as I lie there, sobbing. She’s poking around underneath the implant, trying to find the right place to insert the needle to drain the fluid that’s collected there.
“Sorry, it’s been a long day,” I say, snuffling, the tears running down my cheeks. “Had my PET scan today and…”
“OK,”. She says, looking on the ultrasound scan screen. “Here we are.” She pokes a needle in, attaches a tube and starts to drain the fluid. It takes a while, but eventually she removes 120ml of fluid! “There’s still a bit of infection. Your surgeon is downstairs. I’ll call her and then you can see her and ask for a prescription for some more antibiotics.”

My surgeon is wearing a pretty summer dress and her hair is all shiny. She looks great.
“Hello Tanya,” she says, smiling. “Let’s have a look, shall we?”
Taking my training bra off, I show her my swollen and reddened skin.
Biting her lip, shaking her head, she says, “It looks infected. I spoke to your plastic surgeon and we agreed that if the infection doesn’t get better we’re going to take the implant out and…”
“No you can’t,” I wail, bursting into tears again. I can’t wander around with no implant. It will look ridiculous.
“Tanya,” Mum says, looking cross, “You will do whatever your doctors advise and….”
“Let’s just drain a bit of fluid from the implant then,” my surgeon says, pushing her hair behind her ear. “That should relieve the pressure.”
“OK,”. I say, sniffing. “Sorry for making a fuss.”

Back upstairs, back in the ultrasound room, I take my top and training bra off. The other doctor fiddles around, searching for the port of the implant. It’s the wrong way up, so everything hurts and takes ages, but eventually the needle connects with the port and she drains 15ml of fluid.
“That should relieve the pressure she says, and already it’s feeling better.
“Thank you very much,”. I say, tears still rolling down my cheeks.

Today it is feeling better. It’s been almost two weeks though!


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