A Slight Ache

Writing this from bed. Not sure whether it is the antibiotics, this cold or a combination of the two making me too tired to do anything other than lie down. Have a scratchy throat and an earache too. My arms are sore from training earlier in the week. Am attempting to work up the energy to crawl to the shop to get a few essentials but will write this first.
Fortuitously have no dates this weekend as really am not up to going anywhere other than the gym or crawling from my bedroom to the sofa and back again. Made it to Spin this morning which isn’t easy with a snuffly nose as I find it hard to breathe properly.
There’s a new bright young thing on the scene: Bjorn, 25, Swedish, working in asset management. He’s just moved in very close to me. He’s been sending messages such as “what are you up to tonight?” And “what are you up to this weekend?” but as yet he hasn’t asked to meet. Fingers crossed he will do soon. He looks adorable: lots of shaggy dirty blond hair, green eyes, deep tan and a huge smile.
Jarvis has been messaging about meeting towards the end of next week. Let’s see if that happens. At least he seems to want to meet in the daytime which seems more achievable.
Please let this cold vanish soon: need to be on good form at the office on Monday. After all, soon there will be another operation and who knows how long I’ll be off work then.
Wish the orange monster was here for fluffy cuddles. Oh well, at least he’s looking after his grandparents.

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