And Then There Were None

No word yet from Jarvis about our putative date tomorrow. Don’t understand what is wrong with people. Surely if one wants to meet up with someone one needs to arrange a time and place. Of course it is possible that he has changed his mind, or maybe he’s come into contact with a naked flame and turned into a ball of fire or…oh I’m just not making excuses for him. Either he’ll get in touch or he won’t. There are plenty more boys.

There’s a definite drying up of the Tinder flood of dates as summer turns into autumn and people get stuck in to the long run up to Christmas. Presume that’s what it is anyway. Or maybe everyone else in the world of dating has managed to couple up and retire from Tinder.

Plastic surgeon later tonight. Hopefully will get a date for the operation and then will tell Arjen if he can come and see me. Please let him visit! Would cheer me up so much to see him…

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