Tank Trouble

Ah a new chap at last! Haven’t met him yet but am a bit too excited about this. He’s 6 ft 3 and he’s 43 years old and he looks gorgeous and he does something in the army.

Me: Do you have a tank (I love tanks)
Captain: I can drive a tank but I don’t need one for my role in London
Me: Imagine it would be difficult driving a tank in London
Capt: You can drive a tank anywhere
Me: Ah. I mean the traffic
Capt: You just drive over the other cars
Me: Would you be allowed to take me out in your tank? Or is that Strictly Forbidden?
Capt: I’m sure we could figure something out

So that is something to look forward to. Am excited! Must try to be mentally normal. At least will be able to converse with him about military history after all those episodes of The World At War, Napoleon’s Russian Campaign, World War II in Colour and so on…

3 thoughts on “Tank Trouble

    • One of my sons drove a tank for a while but never brought it home to show me. However he did tell me about the time he wrapped it around a tree, and another time when he drove it way too fast in reverse. But he was 22 and “just had to try 45 kmh.”


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