Design For Living

“Operation on 21st. Please come on 18th? Hope 18th still possible?” I message Arjen on Facebook.
Forty five minutes later, he messages me back. “I just booked. In on 18th and out on 19th.”
“Yay! Can’t wait to see you!” I say.
“I’m in the wrong business. I should have been a hotel owner in London. Prices are still steep,” he says.
“You can stay in my flat with me? Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, television, anything else you need,” I say.
He asks where it is and I tell him and some boring chat about nearest tube and so on happens.
“Sounds luxurious,” he says. “We’ll discuss it later.”
“I promise my flat is nice. It’s perfectly safe: gated complex and everything,” I say.
He doesn’t seem very keen to stay at the flat though. Maybe he wants to be able to escape, in case he realises that he doesn’t like me anymore. Or possibly he doesn’t want to be out of the centre of town: he always stays in the West End when he’s here for work. Anyway – have offered now. Is up to him. He’s coming to see me, which is the main thing.

And tomorrow am meeting the Captain.
“What time are you free on Wednesday?” he messages on What’s App.
“What time is good for you? I ‘work from home’ on Wednesday,” I reply.
“Can you do daytime? Say 3pm?” He says.
Ah. Now that is right in the middle of my afternoon sleep. Must not mention the ritual of the Afternoon Sleep at this stage as it indicates that am not well or not mentally normal or both.
“How about 5pm? Or lunch? 1pm? 3pm is in the middle of my writing time,” I say.
“1pm is perfect. Meet centrally?” he says.
Ah. Also can’t do that.
“Can we meet near me please?” I say.
He agrees to this, although is bound never to have been to my part of town before so will have to look it up and so on. He lives in Greenwich and works in Westminster. Am not going to those places, or anywhere other than the nearest places to my flat, to meet an internet random – even if he tells me he can drive a tank.

Certainly this is progress though: two dates in the pipeline with people who aren’t in their mid-twenties. Let’s hope they actually occur!

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