4.50 From Paddington

“I was emotionally devastated reading your article and found myself welling up and close to tears at 38000 feet,” the Tinder message comes through. It’s from one of my matches – a pilot. Haven’t met him. This is exciting though: the first Tinder chap to have read my article and messaged about it. “I’m sorry: life can be so unfair sometimes. I can’t begin to imagine what you’ve been going through. I admire your courage in the face of such adversity. Your story has given me a different perspective when it’s all too easy to concentrate on the things which don’t matter. I hope everything gets better for you everyday. Good luck and big love.”
How lovely. “Thank you,” I reply.

Tomorrow’s lunch date, the 6 ft 5 Swedish chap, messages that he lives in Fulham and can we meet at midday.
“Have training 10.30 – 11.30. You can get the overground from Fulham and meet me after that,” I suggest. Let’s see what he says. Wonder if he will be prepared to come all the way here on the overground. We shall see. It’s a sweet little train: had an enjoyable time on it last time. That was when I chatted up the Bright Young Thing reading a Geoff Dyer book and he pretended to be asleep to get away from me.
Oh, yay! He is prepared to get the overground. We arrange to meet at 12.30pm.

No message yet from the Captain about our date tomorrow evening. Hurry up Captain! He is probably on the way to pick up his tank so he can surprise me…

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