Double Fault

If I don’t write this Right Now, I won’t manage a blog today, which would be terrible.
Achieved Spin today for the first time in a while. It was good, but couldn’t push self very much as the-Cold-of-Doom is still very much in evidence. This impedes cycling fast, breathing, standing up in the saddle, pushing self and so on.

Arjen arrives later this afternoon. Was going to spend some time grooming self, but everything has dragged on a bit, so won’t. Eyebrows aren’t plucked, legs aren’t shaved and haven’t made a list of things-to-talk-about. Can’t assess what the weather will be doing. Will wait till wake up from afternoon sleep to decide whether to wear summer-dress-bare-legs-and-fit flops to meet him, or winter-dress-tights-and-boots. Hopefully it will be good to see him anyway.

On the plus side, there is a new Bright Young Thing. He works for the LTA, looks like Rafa, is 27 and wants to meet me! There are lovely photos of him in white tennis gear looking gorgeous…

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