Dial M For Murder

I’m writing this on my New Phone. It is gold. Sadly it’s not gold all over, just on the back and around the edges and not a very bright gold anyway. Never mind: it’s here and I’m back on Tinder.
Tragically I’ve lost all my Stuff: all my contacts, over 2000 baby photos of the orange monster and my collection of willy photos. Now I will never be able to get them made into a wallpaper or a cushion cover or anything.

As soon as new phone arrives I log into Tinder and message the Captain:
“My darling I drowned my phone and lost all my contacts. If you still want to see me here I am. Still same phone number. No idea if you’ve been trying to contact me but please do!”
No message from him yet but fingers crossed that he gets in touch soon. He’s probably got his children with him over the weekend though…

On the plus side: there is a message from Seb in my phone saying “your article was excellently written. Look forward to speaking soon.” Which is nice – assumed he’d hate it.

Tonight Mum is going to attempt to wash my hair as am not allowed to get my wounds wet and can’t use my arms anyway. Right arm hurts due to operation and had flu vaccination in left arm so that is painful too now. Suppose had better drag self over to Tinder and start chatting to some boys…


One thought on “Dial M For Murder

  1. sorry to hear of your operation – brings back memories – such a shock to the system, give yourself time to heal, emotionally as well as physically.


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