Deadly Slumber

Still nothing from the Captain. It’s possible that he’s trapped, phone-less, in an Ebola-stricken region, and that’s why he hasn’t been in touch. His job does send him to those places after all. Don’t understand why he was so keen and now has vanished. Must not waste valuable mental energy on him though when am ill and need to get better.
Since dates are not going to come from nowhere, have spent some time today on Tinder, making new matches and messaging them. At the moment there are no dates in the pipeline which is not good.
Hopefully soon will recover enough to go back to the flat and maybe even Go Out somewhere and meet Real Chaps, rather than just trawling the internet for them. Soon enough there will be Christmas Parties – at least there will be Spin Drinks at the gym if nothing else.
It is important not to lose heart. Tinder is bound to pick up a bit once am back in the flat and have a bit more energy.
Went to a shop with Mum today and now have a black PVC miniskirt to wear if ever go anywhere.
It is extremely very dark, could be midnight but is just 6pm. Dad is dozing in a chair. The furry monster is curled up in an orange ball: a little fox. Am going to help Mum make some dinner to take my mind off Things…

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