The Magic Mountain

“Am recuperating at parentals after an operation. You can take me out for lunch/ drinks/ dinner,” I message a chap on Tinder who lives near here.
“Shouldn’t you rest?” He says.
“Am doing plenty of resting. It would be nice to go out,” I tell him. “What is your PhD in?”
“Fluid dynamics. Essentially I work with rivers,” he replies.
“Fluid dynamics is very hard,” Dad says. “I couldn’t get on with it at all.”
So, this 29 year old must have very special gifts. Foolishly, he has written “I try anything once” in his profile.
“What have you tried once?” I say. Presumably ‘dating mad, fat, cancerous older lady’ is not on the list. That can be his next one.
“Streaking at a rugby match, climbing a vertical cliff face naked…”
“That sounds very silly,” I say.
“Never concentrated so hard in my life,” he says.
He sounds exciting anyway. A Bright Naked Young Thing. Yum. Looks cute too. Updates to follow…

Have made A Plan. Am going to be well enough to move back to the flat over the weekend. That gives me till Saturday to recover from my cold, wounds, grumpiness and so on. Have arranged to see my trainer on Monday and will be able to watch Downton with my new Flatmate on Sunday.
So all this should be cheering in this gloomy time of excessive darkness…

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