French Women Don’t Get Fat

Date hasn’t been cancelled yet. It’s the half-French sports enthusiast with the very white teeth. He wants to meet at 8.30pm which is a bit late but gives me time to have something to eat first. Don’t want to turn up starving.
Am back at clean, warm tidy flat. My darling cousin is here. Can hear the sounds of another person doing things, which is comforting and nice. So far have managed to be quite mentally normal, which is good. It’s been about four hours, most of which have spent sleeping or eating. Just have to keep this up.
Not sure what to wear for date. Seems ridiculous in this warm weather to wear dress, tights and boots. It will be colder once it’s dark though. Can’t wear fit flops and summer dress. It’s November!

Must make list of things to talk about on date:

1. The flat: underlining that live at own flat, with a Flatmate like a mentally normal person. Have been stating with parentals but will try not to talk about that/ them
2. The fluffy monster. Does he have any pets?
3. Work: pretend that am attending the office ATM. Have been going there for eleven years now, so ought to be able to say something about it
4. My hobbies: gym, cycling, theatre, reading. He says that he likes sports and am able to converse about most sports, so that ought to be ok
5. Writing: will say that write teenage fiction, which used to do after all. Must not mention mad, fat, cancerous dating diary
6. Conservation: have just set up direct debit to save the Asian Lions. Am member of the Zoo and even went there recently. That is safe topic
7. My love of French food and wine and so on. My Writing Retreat in Burgundy. There: me going on Holiday in manner of normal person
8. Ask him things about himself and listen with interested expression

If only didn’t look so exhausted and fat. Ah well: at least it will be dark by then. Will wear proper bra so softie can’t fall out as that would look bad. Nervous! First date since operation.

Wish me luck?

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