Blazing Saddles

“I thought you’d forgotten about me,” Suzie says. She’s in my kitchen, chopping vegetables. “I called your parents. They told me you were probably asleep.”
“Sorry,” I say. “I didn’t forget about you. I was asleep.”
“I know. I saw,” she says.
We hug. “Thank you for coming to see me,” I say.
“It’s late for you to be asleep,” she says. “It’s six o’clock.”
“I had to meet someone at lunchtime. It got late,” I say. “I have to write my blog. Haven’t done it yet today.”
“You do that. I will make you something to eat,” Suzie says. “I thought I’d make egg-fried rice. Is that OK?”
“Thank you. Lovely,” I say, collapsing into the nest. “It’s lovely to see you.”
“It’s lovely to see you, darling,” she says, dicing a red pepper.

“Hi Tanya,” a message flashes across my screen. “I’m looking for someone to have discreet fun with as I have a girlfriend. What are you on Tinder for?”
“Not that,” I reply. “Your poor girlfriend!”

Message from another chap, aged 33, works in finance. Big smile: looks nice in his photo – he’s wearing white trousers and holding a Panama hat.
“Can meet you after work one evening. How about Thursday?” He says.
Ah. Thursday is plastic surgeon.
“Can’t do Thursday. How about tomorrow or Wednesday?” I reply.

So, let’s see if I hear from him…

Have thrush again. That’s the fourth time now. And the cold is worse. Ah well – mustn’t grumble…

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