Do You Remember The First Time?

“Hey Tanya,” the What’s App message scrolls across my screen. It’s from a number that isn’t stored.
“Who is this? Sorry I drowned my phone and lost my contacts,” I reply.
“It’s Jarvis. Berlin dweller. Fan of your muscles,” he replies.
Jarvis! You may remember him from an earlier post named This Is Hardcore. Met him a couple of months back. We had one date and then we were meant to meet up again but he didn’t get in touch.
“I drowned my phone too,” Jarvis messages. “How are you? And how are those guns?”
“Yeah, OK. Just waiting for the bus in the rain and almost-dark,” I say.
“Awwww. Berlin is chilly but crisp and dry,” he replies. This is not altogether helpful when one is standing in the rain without an umbrella.
Wonder if Jarvis really drowned his phone too, I think, as I sit on the bus. Still, it is good to hear from him. Is comforting when the chaps turn up again.
Hope it won’t be raining so much tomorrow night when have a Date. Will put the umbrella back in my bag this minute – it was drying itself on the floor. The leopard print coat isn’t waterproof – or it certainly isn’t able to withstand a deluge such as the one that happened at 4pm today.

“I have the body of an eighteen year old. I keep it in the fridge,” a Bright Young Thing has written on his profile. This is amusing enough to convince me to swipe left. He must have an enormous fridge…

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