“I’ve Been Expecting You”

Waking up, late, there’s a heavy weight on my chest. Opening my eyes I see the panther next to me, one huge paw draped over me.
“I’ve been expecting you,” I say. He rubs his furry cheek against my face.
“This isn’t a good time,” I tell him. “I have things to do.”
Nothing that you have to do is as important as being with me the panther murmurs in my ear. This is where you’re meant to be: with me. You won’t go anywhere until I let you.
“I have an event that I have to go to, at the weekend,” I tell him. “Something where I need to be on form. A social thing. And I’m dating chaps now. Lots of them. And…”
Never mind any of that the panther whispers in my ear, pressing his huge bulk down on my chest. He gazes at me with huge amber eyes and I can smell the stench of rotting meat on his breath. The important thing is for you to be with me. Everything else can wait.
“It can’t all wait for months and months though,” I tell him.
Why are you dating other chaps though, he whispers, waving his tail. Where’s Seb?
“He’s away, he’s having one of his adventures,” I say, stroking the panther’s head. His head is so velvety and soft. “I have a new cat now. An orange one. You won’t hurt him?”
I won’t hurt him, the panther murmurs into my ear. He stretches his enormous self out on top of me. He’s going to be here for a while: months I reckon…

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