Let It Bleed

The panther lies on my bed, watching me, as I pack up something to wear for the event tomorrow.
“I was hoping that you wouldn’t have arrived yet,” I tell him. “I’ve been looking forward to this party, there will be boys – I assume there will anyway. You won’t let me talk to anyone will you?”
He doesn’t need to say anything. I know he won’t let anyone near me, he won’t let me smile at anyone. He will place his huge black bulk between me and everyone else – rubbing his face against me, waving his tail. He’ll drape himself over the chair next to mine and stare at me with his huge amber eyes.
“You’ve had a long break from me,” he says. “Five and a half months. All that time alone to do whatever you wanted. You should’ve tried a bit harder to meet a chap then and…”
“I did try,” I say, stuffing a cardigan and my wig in a bag. “I tried really hard. Went on loads of dates. It just hasn’t happened yet. Maybe…”
“Time’s up, I’m afraid,” he says, cuffing a fluffy dragon with one huge paw so that it falls off the bed. “Now you have to give me some attention.”
“I could give you cuddles now but I don’t want you to come to the party,” I tell him, throwing my perfume into the bag.
“I’m looking forward to the party,” he says, yawning and showing off his huge fangs.
That sounds ominous, I think, wanting to burst into tears but refusing to let him see me cry…

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