“Just enjoy Djokovic right now,” Andrew Castle tells us. So that’s what I’m going to do. The orange monster has come in for the afternoon so I’ve closed his flap and the back door. No need to go out in the dark searching for him, which is a relief.
Novak Djokovic vs Kei Nishikori – the first of the two semi-finals. Settling under my blanket, I take my place to watch the match.

The Twitcher continues to send messages and I reply to them. It’s exhausting: sending upbeat texts when all I want to do is sleep. Will feel better once a second date is arranged. He must want to meet again or he wouldn’t keep writing to me, I tell myself. Watching the tennis will take my mind off the Twitcher’s messaging habits anyway.

“Nishikori finding the angle and the pace,” Andrew Castle says.
“45 more of those and he’ll be fine,” Tim Henman says with a chuckle.
Djokovic does that bouncing-the-ball-a-lot-of-times-before-his-serve that he does when he gets a bit rattled and wins the game.
Nishikori is putting up a bit of a fight, which is good but the world number one seems unstoppable at the moment. “That is the sort of point he loves to win,” says Castle.
“Two years and thirty matches since Novak Djokovic lost indoors,” Castle tells us. He’s now 4 – 1 up. This isn’t a great match. Would love to go to sleep now but must attempt to stay awake for the rest of the daylight.

Tomorrow I will spend some time on Tinder and stop thinking about the Twitcher, I tell myself. Need to create some other options: to cultivate some new Bright Young Things. There are Plenty More Boys after all…

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