Everything Changes?

I’m not quite sure what’s happening exactly but I think I’m falling out of love with Tinder. It’s been almost six months now, and it was fun at the start and the dates have continued to be enjoyable – apart from a few notable exceptions. However, it’s been almost all first dates – as I’ve probably mentioned often before. And after a while that does become dispiriting.

It probably doesn’t help that now it’s winter – looking out of the window it’s dark outside at 4 o’clock. And now that it’s November I don’t want to meet strange men after dark. The strolls to the pub, through the park, past the animals and dinosaurs on those hot summer evenings seem a lifetime ago.

And I’m not sure how much this dissatisfaction with the whole dating process is due to the dip in my mood. Obviously there’s an impact: now I don’t want to be chatting to random chaps all the time whereas when my mood was up I loved that process.

So I’m not quite sure what, if anything, to do about all this.

And what on earth is the point of the Twitcher sending messages about how busy he is at work rather than suggesting another date…

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