Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Now that the party season is nearly upon us, am going to make a list of other-locations-to-meet-chaps, in real life that is, rather than online.

1. The Street: A place full of men. Everywhere has one. Just step out of the front door of home, office, hospital and there it is. This is a particular favourite as a location: I met my darling Seb in the street all those years ago. N.B – Even chaps who are too posh to live on a street will sometimes walk down it. They probably have a townhouse too, after all.
2. The Supermarket: As mentioned by that lady at the gym the other day. A new little Waitrose has opened up near the flat. Must frequent there and wander around without knocking anything over. For ideal meeting-a-chap situation: leave the Supermarket, drop shopping in the Street and the man-of-your-dreams will be passing and will help you gather up your bags. Your eyes will meet and it will be love-at-first-sight. This happens in many films so it must be true.
3. Public Transport: Another favourite. Trains, planes, boats – these are stuffed with a captive audience of men, often in close proximity. Is good idea not to crack on to any of them too blatantly though, as then other passengers will start laughing and you may have to move seats or even carriages.
4. Parties: Yay! Christmas parties! Mulled wine! These events are great as for once am not the only person who is drinking wine and plastered with glitter and sequins. Am able to pass as mentally normal, even though am dressed and behaving in my usual manner.
5. Introductions: It is the season of goodwill, so hopefully will be introduced to some chaps. Ideally, the mutual friend won’t mention my mental or physical disorders or the fact that I write a dating blog.
6. School Plays: Am unlikely to do this, but for those of you who have friends with children and are attending Christmas/ Chanukah plays – maybe there will be an attractive teacher/ single Dad or something.

That’s enough to be going on with…


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