After The Dance

Have managed to secure a second date with the Twitcher! It is scheduled for next Wednesday, so let’s hope we’re still alive by then.
“Am I right in assuming that Friday is tricky?” He messages yesterday, when we start discussing the possible day for our date.
“Yes. Dinner with parentals. Sorry,” I say. Yes, am still Jewish this week, I think. Still spending Friday night with my parentals and my fluffy monster.
“Hmmmm. Well, I’m going to the theatre tomorrow and Thursday and then school reunion at the weekend. What about next week?” He says.
“Could do Tuesday or Wednesday,” I say. Thursday is appointment with plastic surgeon – a meeting when hopefully he’ll tell me that my implant can go back in.
“Great. Let’s do Wednesday. Tuesday I play football,” he says.
His two theatre trips – in case anyone wants to know – are Macbeth and “something at a theatre in Dalston”. Am going to the theatre myself on Saturday for the first time for months to see Rattigan’s first play First Episode. So that is good: will have Been-Out-and-Done-A-Cultural-Thing and will be able to talk about it.

Went on Tinder for a bit the other day and enjoyed this sentence in a chap’s profile: “Apologies for the lack of topless selfies but I’m not a massive bell-end.”
The Twitcher does have one shot where he’s wearing board shorts and holding a surfboard but that’s OK. Can see that he’s still in shape at the venerable age of 39.

Anyway, fingers crossed that the date doesn’t get cancelled…

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