Scar Tissue

“What’s that?” Suzie says, pointing at my chest.
Looking down, I see that my softie has worked its way out of my bra and is about to dive into my supper.
“Ah, it’s my fabric pretend boob,” I say, pushing it back inside my bra.

It had better not do that on my second date with the Twitcher on Wednesday. Maybe will wear something with a high neck so that if the softie does try to climb out its path will be blocked. My skin has suddenly deteriorated too: have a few spots, including one in the middle of my face. Must not touch them.

Must focus on my important Office Work as when have achieved two days in the office can be pleased with self about that. Somehow will sort appearance out by Wednesday: will wear a dress, tights and boots and apply some make-up and will look OK.

Messaging continues with the Twitcher which must be a good sign. Fingers crossed the date will go well. Wish me luck?

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