Pond Life

I’m in a concert hall with a couple of my schoolfriends. There’s a huge pond in the middle of the auditorium chocked with pondweed and green with algae. There are huge koi and pike swimming in the murky depths of the pond. As I’m bending over to look at the fish, the softie falls out of my training bra and into the pond. A pike catches it in his huge jaws, shakes all the stuffing out of it and then returns the empty softie to me, covered in algae and wrapped in pondweed.
“Thank you,” I say, taking the wet, floppy piece of fabric from him.
The pike submerges himself in the water and swims off with a flick of his tail…

…Waking up, I am relieved that the episode was a dream. Sadly, the spot in the middle of my face is not a dream and is still much in evidence today. Have put some tinted-moisturiser-with-witch-hazel over the spot to deter me from touching it. Really hope that the Twitcher is not repulsed by my appearance tomorrow. Hope we will be going somewhere with flattering lighting. Still no idea where we are going. Glad that am at the office to take my mind off the date as much as possible.

Must make a list of things to talk about on date:
1. Work – have been attending my job. Well done me. So can tell him a bit about it if he asks.
Can ask him about his job – men like to talk about their important work I think.
2. Wildlife – wading birds and so on – he likes birds
3. The theatre: The Rattigan play that saw on Saturday with brother. He likes the theatre.
4. Must not let eyes glaze over when he is talking.
5. We seemed to have plenty to talk about on first date – let’s hope we can reestablish that.

Things not to talk about on date:
1. My mental disorder
2. My cancer
3. My great love for Seb
4. My dating blog

That seems to cover it?

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