Message In A Bottle

“Hello! I am really hoping to get up to London soon, and my term finishes in not too long now, so either way will be able to visit properly soon. How are you my darling? So sorry not to be in touch, have been having homework meltdown! xxx”
Switching my phone on this morning, I see this message from my darling Seb. He has not forgotten me after all. And after I wrote in yesterday’s blog that I hadn’t heard from him in a while. This cheers me up immensely. Wonder what he means by “visit properly” though. It sounds nice anyway.
“Can’t wait to see you. Let me know when to expect you xxx” I reply, keeping my message short, cheerful and upbeat. There’s no need to go into all the many things that are wrong. Seb makes things better anyway. Can’t wait to see him and spend time with him and maybe even be allowed to touch him and have a snog.

Nothing from the Twitcher yet today. He needs to get on with it if he wants to see me this week. Maybe he doesn’t. Must not spend whole day at office checking my phone every minute to see if there is a message. Maybe will turn phone off for a bit, so that if message does arrive I won’t see it until some time later, and it will appear that I Have-Stuff-To-Do other than checking my phone all the time.

Happy December everyone!


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