The Omen

…We’re in Seb’s room, doing rude things. It seems to be going rather well – considering all his problems in that area (desire to be celibate etc). Suddenly he pulls away from me.
“Sorry, Tanya, I need to meditate now,” he says. “You have to sleep in the room next door.” As he pushes his hair out of his turquoise eyes I notice that it’s grown very long again – it’s jaw-length now, the length it was when I first met him. Mmmmmm he looks so gorgeous.
In the next room I climb into bed and fall asleep.

“Tanya, wake up and talk to me,” a voice says. Rubbing my eyes, I focus on a small boy. “I’m Seb’s little brother,” he says. He looks about six years old. “Why won’t you be my girlfriend? It’s not fair. I want one.”
Seb hasn’t mentioned a six year old brother, I think.
“You’re too young for me, sorry,” I say. “Have to draw the line somewhere. Why don’t you go back to bed and sleep. It’s the middle of the night.”
“You have to get up and talk to me and be my girlfriend,” he says.
“I can’t,” I say, turning over and going back to sleep.

In the morning, I find Seb again and we resume our activities. Everything goes well. He has overcome any desire to be celibate it seems…

…Waking up, I’m disappointed that the sexuals with Seb were a dream. That section of the dream was lovely. The episode with the imaginary little brother was weird though. Seb doesn’t have a six year old brother. Wonder what it means. Hope it is not a premonition of something bad.

The Twitcher messages yesterday to say “Hello. Today is very, very painful indeed.” Nothing after that though. Fingers crossed he will recover soon and will want to see me…

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