Spinning Around

Have a date: not with a boy but with the hospital. Expander insertion operation scheduled for Tuesday next week. Am relieved that something is happening before Christmas anyway – even if this is just a precursor to the implant itself.
Messaging continues with the Twitcher but no date has been arranged yet. Hope he hasn’t gone off me. It is good that he’s still sending me messages everyday, presumably.
On the plus side: have a Party to attend. There will be boys there. It is Spinning Drinks (the class I like at the gym where the bikes are stuck to the floor). It’s at a local pub and can travel there on my trusty bus, so don’t need to worry about how to get there. And maybe will meet a chap there. If not, at least is a social event and can dress up and talk to people and have a drink.

Things that need to do before my cousin returns and we have supper:
1. Hang up the washing.
2. Have a bath.
3. Paint nails or at least put a base coat on.
4. Make supper (no idea what it will be)
5. Haul self out of bed

Had better get on with it. Looks like a lot of household tasks to squeeze into the next ninety minutes…

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