Season’s Greetings

“And Steve from accounts – I swear he tried to pinch my bum but he was so drunk I just moved away. It’s a shame – he’s such a nice bloke when he’s sober,” the blonde in the reindeer jumper says as she washes her hands.
“I guess you just have to put it down to Christmas party spirit,” her brunette colleague says, reapplying her lipstick.
We’re in the loo at the pub where Spin Drinks is taking place – as well as several office Christmas parties.

Drying my hands, I make my way to the bar and order a gin and slimline tonic. It’s a huge Victorian bar which stands in the centre of the pub, dominating the room.
“Hi, Tanya, how are you?” A girl says. Am not sure who she is – of course everyone looks different dressed up with their hair down and so on.
“I’m OK,” I say.
“Last year I was having a bit of a tough time, but when I saw you every week at Spin, despite what you’re going through, well, you’re an inspiration,” she says.
“Thank you,” I smile at her and notice her sparkly silver eyeshadow. “I’m not really,” I say. “You just have to keep going, don’t you? I mean I go to the gym but I don’t really do anything else – I hardly ever go out.”
We make our way to the front of the pub where there is a DJ and sit at a table there. The music is Deep House (I think) and some of the crew from spin are drinking and chatting. Sipping my drink, I soak in the atmosphere. It’s pleasant to be out of the house, in a place where people are having fun. Used to do this all the time and now it’s such a rare occurrence.
“Hey, Tanya, thank you for coming,” one of the girls says. She has long blonde hair and the DJ is her friend.
“It’s good to be here,” I say, and in this moment, listening to the music, surrounded by my chums, I am happy.


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