The Blue Lenses

“I’m having my cataract operation tomorrow,” Mum says on the phone.
“Hope it goes well,” I say, trying not to think about the baby tiger who had his cataract operation on “Tigers About The House”. They fixed one eye but he went blind in the other eye and had to have it removed and replaced with a glass one. This is so that the other tigers don’t sense his weakness and bully him.
“So, I’ll see you tomorrow,” Mum says.
“No you won’t,” I say. “You won’t be able to see me. You might be able to hear me or…”
“I’ll definitely hear you,” Mum says. “I’ll make you a lovely dinner and…”
“How? You won’t be able to see,” I say.
Maybe my brother will make dinner. He is gifted in the culinary arts.
“OK darling. I won’t be able to make you dinner. Or see you. But I look forward to hearing you tomorrow,” Mum says.
Oh dear. Ought to be looking after my elderly parents, rather than suffering from own chronic mental disorder and terminal illness and needing them to take me to hospital all the time.
Maybe Mum will be able to see exciting things with her new eyes, I think. Maybe my expander operation won’t be too bad.
“I bet you’re looking forward to your operation – to getting started on that process,” Katerina says at training today.
“Yes, I suppose,” I say.

Anyway: operation on Tuesday. Not sure if will be able to post before then. Fingers crossed Mum’s operation and my one go as well as can be expected. Looking forward to my morphine anyway…

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