The Big Sleep

A couple of messages from the Twitcher over the weekend but still no date arranged. Never mind. Can’t see him or anyone else now till after my operation.
“Just put him out of your mind,” my brother says. “He’ll text you when he wants to see you but until then, just forget about him.”
So am going to do that.

Looking forward to being blissfully unconscious in the operating theatre anyway, and to some morphine and codeine and tramadol – to any opiates that are forthcoming in fact. Feeling really exhausted today.

Had better try to focus on my Work: am in the office for the last time this year I would imagine. Just wanted to post to say that operation is tomorrow and will be back here as soon as possible after that. And by the time I’m writing the next post here, I will have an expander in and will be returning to some kind of normality – in the chest area anyway.

Wish me luck?

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