Something In The Way

“That’s enough water,” Mum says, turning the bath taps off. I’m sitting in the bath and the drain bottle is on the floor. The water covers my thighs but the dressings are all down my right side and mustn’t get wet. Turning over, I lie on my left side and feel the warm water wash over me.
“Tanya, don’t lie in the water, you mustn’t get the dressings wet. Sit up and wash yourself,” Mum says. Hauling myself up, careful not to wet the dressings, I give myself a cursory wash.
Mum holds my towel up and I step into it. Carrying my drain, in its yellow bag, over to the sink, I kneel on the floor with my head back. Mum turns the taps on and I feel the warm water washing over my hair. Mum’s wearing rubber gloves – she mustn’t get her bandaged finger wet – and they squeak as she rubs the shampoo into my scalp.
“Ouch,” I say, as a pain shoots down my right side. “It will be better if I lean forward over the sink,” I say, turning round so Mum can rinse the shampoo out.

Once I’m back in my sleepwear, I clamber into bed. Turning onto my front, putting the drain in its bag on the floor, I feel a sudden pull on the tube. Looking down, I see a huge apricot paw issuing from underneath my bed.
“Mum, the fluffy monster is under my bed,” I say. “We have to move him, if he punctures the tube…”
“We can’t get him out from there,” Mum says.
Clambering out of bed, crouching on the floor, I see a pair of bright amber eyes staring at me. He’s in the drawer under my bed.
“We’ll have to wait for him to come out,” Mum says.
Putting my meditation cd on, I climb back into bed. The apricot paw shoots up and pulls at my drain tube.
Eventually the fluffy monster makes his way out and across the room where Mum snatches him up and takes him away.

The Twitcher messages this morning to see how my operation went. So that is something…

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