After Darwin

If only the chaps could see me now. This is what am wearing:

1. Hospital pants: knitted, white and enormous
2. Post-operation socks: to prevent thrombosis – white, knee-high, hole underneath toes
3. Black secret-support top
4. Drain tube dangling from right side

Arjen has gone to the Galapagos without me. His Facebook page is full of marine iguanas, giant tortoises and frigate birds. Life is cruel. Would love to go. Of course am not well enough at the moment, but one day.

At least have been managing to watch some films. Here is a list so far:

1. Miss Marple: Nemesis
2. Miss Marple: At Bertram’s Hotel
3. Witness For The Prosecution
4. The Letter
5. Inspector Morse: The Daughters Of Cain
6. Heat

So, have been making some use of my time.

Today’s excitement: whether drain will be able to come out or not…


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