Last Drain To Clarksville

Let’s liven things up with a list:

1. Drain is still in. It hurts where the tube issues from my right side. Hopefully this is a good sign that healing is taking place as it doesn’t look infected.
2. Plastic surgery nurse will have a look later today anyway and will either remove drain or not.
3. Haven’t been outside for a week which isn’t good. Am missing some gorgeous sunshine and blue skies.
4. Looking forward to seeing my trainer and returning to my gym.
5. Am in parental home with parents, brothers and fluffy monster. Am lucky to have all of them.
6. Will return to dating once am recovered. It is perfectly reasonable to take a break from it when have just been operated on.
7. A huge excitement! Lily has just called and she is taking me out to lunch!
“We can take the drain out to lunch in the village,” Lily says.
“He can sit on the floor,” I say. “He won’t be any trouble.”
She’s on her way here now. Had better put some clean clothes on…

2 thoughts on “Last Drain To Clarksville

  1. Tanya, my drain was in for ages…anyhow, I had this nifty across the chest shoulder bag, and I popped it into there – magic. Then put a long cardi over. No one will be the wiser. My cats didn’t bother with it, probably as they are all a bit older and female… Door knobs were my enemy, the drain once looped over it, and I carried on walking….(insert expletive).
    Have a lovely lunch, me ( chemo girl) can’t taste a thing….

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