Our Day Out

“You know, we’ve been coming here for nearly thirty years,” Mum says. We’re at a pizza restaurant round the corner from the museums, sitting outside in December because it’s not too cold as long as we keep our coats on. It’s our Family Day Out: all four of us.
“When I used to bring you two here when you were little, the pizzas were enormous,” Mum says.
“Or they looked bigger, because we were smaller,” my brother says.
The pizzas arrive and they are still enormous.
We’ve just been to see “Wildlife Photographer of The Year” at the Natural History Museum which we’ve attended every year, ever since I can remember. And although I’m exhausted and the two tube journeys were tough and it hurts where my skin is expanding, it’s important to keep these family rituals going. Each day out, each experience a new bead threaded onto the necklace of our family life. We’re happy when we’re Having-A-Day-Out like normal people.
Picture us: sitting outside in December, eating our lunch, having conversation. In this moment we are all together and we are happy.

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