Devices And Desires

“Seb, just come with me a minute,” I say. He’s come to visit me – and the fluffy monster – at my parental home. It’s amazing to see him but I need some time alone with him now. Taking his hand, I lead him to my childhood bedroom. It’s a terrible mess: unmade bed, discarded clothes everywhere.
“Look, these are my cycling shorts with the padded bottom,” I say as I remove them from my bed, turn them inside out, put them away.
“Come here,” he says, pulling me towards him. Kicking the door closed, he sits on the bed and I sit on his lap.
“Do you like my skirt?” I say. I’m wearing a short, black PVC skirt.
“Yes, I do,” he says, smiling.
We snog for a bit.
“Have you got a new girlfriend on your course?” I say, stroking his moss green knitted sweater, the same colour as the fluffy monster’s eyes.
“No, of course I haven’t,” he says, putting his arms round me.
“Are they too young?” I say, gazing into his turquoise eyes.
“Yes, they’re much too young,” he says.
“Good,” I say. “Are you going to come and see me again soon?”
“Yes. I’ve got two weeks off and I’ll definitely come and see you again before I go back,” he says…

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