Farewell, My Lovely

“Enjoy the festivities. Absolutely loads of work and then a stressful family Christmas.” The What’sApp message appears this morning when I switch my phone on. It’s from the Twitcher, who’s been out of touch for a week or so.
“Have had enough and am going to take a few weeks out from life in general for a while,” he continues. “Apologies for being so uncommunicative recently – life is just a bit overwhelming at the moment. Hopefully later in 2015 it will be a new start for me when I’m back in a more contented place once more.”

How mysterious, I think. What a long message that doesn’t really tell the reader anything other than that he doesn’t want to be in touch. Anyway – had better write him off.

There’s another chap who has been messaging a lot these past few days. He’s thirty-seven, tall, lots of shaggy blond hair, long equine face. His Tinder profile says: “I’m into many kinds of music, sport, toast and cheese.” Which is cute, I think. Anyway, we were first in touch in the summer but he lives in Japan and is here just for Christmas and New Year. Find it hard to believe we will actually meet up, but let’s see…


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