A Party To Murder

“Are you going to that party tomorrow night?” I ask Lily. We’re huddled under a furry blanket on the parental sofa.
“Yeah, maybe,” Lily says, stroking her tummy. “Thought I’d see how I feel tomorrow and…”
“I reckon we should go,” I say. “It’s in a nice pub that we like and you never know: maybe there will be new, exciting people there.” Obviously I mean boys-who-we-don’t-know. It is the party of a boy, after all. However, Lily is married and heavily pregnant, so is not on the lookout for new boys.
“If we go, I’ll pick you up,” Lily says.
“Thank you,” I say.
“Oh, you don’t need to do that, Lily,” Mum says, entering the room carrying the fluffy monster. “I’ll drop Tanya at your house. Tanya, here – you take this animal. I’ve just had to wrestle a bird away from him.”
“What sort of bird?” I say, putting my arms round the purring orange monster.
“A dunnock,” Mum says. “It flew off. I don’t know why he can’t catch that mouse in the kitchen if he wants to catch something.”
“Hello fluffy monster. Wow: he’s enormous now,” Lily says, stroking him under his chin. “If we go tomorrow, I don’t want to stay late.”
“Nor do I, obviously,” I say. “I like going to parties, it’s just the getting-public-transport-in-the-freezing-cold that’s the problem or…”
“What would help you go out a bit more?” Lily says.
“As long as I know how I’m getting there and getting home and don’t have to worry about that, and don’t have to stay too late,” I say. “I’m still not feeling well.”
The panther dozes on the spotty sofa in the corner of the room. He’s quiet, but he’s here.
The fluffy monster is settled on Lily’s lap, purring, with his eyes closed.
“Right: well I will drive you there and back and we won’t stay too late,” Lily says.
So that’s good: a party tomorrow night where can meet some chaps in Real Life…

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