New Year’s Day

“Happy New Year. How were the cats?” The What’sApp message from HorseBoy appears when I switch on my phone this morning. He sent it at 00.14, which means that just after midnight he was thinking of me. Which is good.
“Happy New Year! Had fun. You?” I reply. “So far THIS year have been cycling everyday.”

That was at 11.57am and not only has there been no reply but he hasn’t even read my message. Hmmmm. Know this as the message has two grey ticks, which means it’s been received, rather than the two blue ticks indicating that it’s been read.
He probably lost his phone last night, I think, and then realise that he sends me What’sApp messages from his Japanese phone. He also has an English phone which he’s texted from in the past. So, he will need to have lost TWO phones after midnight last night to have no way of contacting me. Doesn’t sound very likely.

Anyway, there is nothing to be done except to get on with Other Activities.
Maybe he’s still asleep, I think. Not everyone was in bed at 10.45pm last night, as I was. Remember HorseBoy’s message yesterday:
“Let me know if you have any free time in the next week.”
He returns to Japan on Tuesday.
“Would love to see you in the next week!” I replied. “How about Friday or Saturday?”
Then we exchanged Happy New Year messages. Then nothing. The thing is, I think – as I fail to get-on-with-other-activities or even to think-of-other-things – that Friday is tomorrow. Unless I hear from him soon, we won’t be able to meet tomorrow. Or Saturday. The days flow through my hands like grains of sand.

Right: am going to do-something-else.
Fingers crossed HorseBoy gets in touch soon…

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