Puss In Boots

Still nothing from HorseBoy. He still hasn’t read my message replying to his question about meeting up. Either:
1. He lost his phone on New Year’s Eve.
2. He doesn’t want to meet again before Tuesday and has changed his mind and that’s why he hasn’t read my message – he can see that I’ve replied to him and deliberately hasn’t opened the message.
3. Who cares anyway. Met the chap once, he’s going back to Japan, where he lives, on Tuesday. Mustn’t waste valuable thinking time on him.

Anyway: a new year must mean New Boys. Tomorrow will return to the flat, after seeing Dr Stein. Fingers crossed that tomorrow is the day that he gives me the magic drug: the one that makes me happy, thin and has no side effects. At the flat, will settle down with Tinder and start swiping. Aim for tomorrow is to arrange at least one date.

“Look, Tanya, I’ve got you the most amazing present,” Mum says, entering the house carrying an enormous box. It can only be one thing.
“Boots!” I say, running up the stairs, taking the box from Mum, opening it.
The boots are black, over-the-knee, with suede fronts and leather backs.
“They’re the most beautiful boots I’ve ever seen,” Mum says, smiling, as I pull them on. “They’re so soft.”
“Thank you so much, Mum,” I say, throwing my arms around her. They fit perfectly.

All the more reason to Go -Out-Somewhere and wear them…

2 thoughts on “Puss In Boots

  1. I just don’t get why he would send you a message and then not even read your reply. I mean, he must have an iron will if he can ignore a message (I couldn’t). As you said, he’s going back to Japan so I don’t suppose it really matters but it’s just so strange. Glad you have nice boots.


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