Midnight In Paris

“Have you been to Paris?” The Tinder message flashes up. It’s from a suave thirty four year old French chap and it makes me chuckle.
Wonder what answer he’s expecting – surely most people from London have been to Paris, I think. He can’t often get “no, I thought about it but decided I couldn’t be bothered – it’s too far.” You can even get a train there these days, although haven’t been on that for a while. Haven’t been anywhere abroad for a while.
“Yes, of course I have,” I reply.
“Any plans this evening?” He says.
“Am just doing a bit of writing. You?” I say.
“Do you want to catch up in a cosy place for a chat/ drink?” He says.
“How about tomorrow? I have writing to do this evening,” I say.
“I return to Paris tomorrow afternoon,” he says. “I’m used to coming to London pretty often and potentially moving here soon.”
“Let’s meet when you’re next here,” I say.

Maybe I’m insufficiently dedicated to my craft, I think. This is a dating blog therefore I mustn’t turn down dates. However, I’m exhausted and it’s last minute and he’s a complete stranger. Also he’s foreign so the conversation may not flow and I’m not really with it enough today to move the chat along on my own. And, of course, it’s freezing and dark and raining out there. Also, we’ve only just started chatting: it’s possible we won’t have much to talk about.
Whatever, it’s done now. Have many new matches and will arrange a date with someone before too long…

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