Salad Days

A New Year means a New Bright Young Thing. Have been making a strenuous effort not to plump for lots of chaps in their mid-twenties, but this one seems too good to miss. 6 ft 4 tall, twenty-six years old, an architect and adorably outdoorsy in his photos. Swiping left, almost immediately we match and he messages:

BYT: Hey
Me: Hey cutie. Love your photos. Where were they taken?
BYT: Lake District, Peak District, Scotland. Your pictures are great too. What brought you to Tinder if I may ask?
Me: Not casual sexuals am afraid – too old for all that! You?
BYT: Ha cool. Fun exploring and see where it goes really. Live in Westminster and work there as well. You?
*Tanya tells BYT where she lives. He’s never heard of it*
Me: You’re not from London are you?
BYT: I have always had houses in London but also had them in the country
*Tanya wonders whether he is in the aristocracy. Exciting!*
Me: Where are your country houses?
BYT: Sussex and Hertfordshire (Manuden near Bishops Stortford). Have you been on many dates? I am guessing you have had lots of offers.
Me: A few
BYT: By the way I must say your profile pictures are very nice. Very hot if I may be so bold.
Me: Thank you
BYT: Can I ask what sort of guys you prefer? Or too bold?
Me: I like posh 6 ft 4 twenty six year olds πŸ˜‰
BYT: Ha…

…BYT: Wow you are talented and amazing. Your body is Amazing. And your face is very cute.
Me: You wait till you see my Mind.
BYT: Ha. Interesting. What else are you amazing at?
Me: I like the compliments. Don’t get that with chaps in their late thirties I can tell you
BYT: Oh really? They are missing out. You’re amazingly hot.

BYT: What days are you free? I could drive up
*Tanya thinks: He can drive! At his tender age!*
Me: You may well not find me so devastatingly attractive in the flesh
BYT: You may not like me either. Hope to please in youthful vigour

Anyway: hopefully will meet him soon. Have offered to take him to the park to show him the animals. There’s no better restorative tonic than an enthusiastic Bright Young Thing…


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